On campus today I encountered an organized free bleeding rally. Free bleeding is a relatively new niche feminist movement in which allow their menstrual blood to leak through their pants and flow down their legs, spreading their bodily fluid all over and allowing it to infect everything it touches. One could imagine a woman laying in a bath tub for a week, or perhaps spending that time out in the forest.

I decided to ask the group about some of the challenges involved. One very prominent member of the group had recently been evicted from her apartment for exercising her right to bleed freely.

"I felt extremely discriminated against." says Jane Forrester, a full time Cambridge student with a major in gender studies. "I have lived there for over a year now and always paid my rent on time. The landlord not only kicked me out onto the street, but he refuses to give me back my damage deposit."

Jane has recently been given 30 days notice to vacate her apartment.

"The fact that he can't accept my beliefs just makes him a bigot, plain and simple." she exclaimed.

When I asked Jane who should take responsibility for the blood on the carpet and walls, she replied "It's my right to bleed freely if I choose to. This isn't about blood stains, it's about women's rights. The people who run this apartment complex are a threat to women everywhere, and I plan to take this as public as I can."

Some students, however, do not share the same views on free bleeding as Jane does. Aaron Williams tells us "what kind of sick practice is that. That women over there, the one with the sign, she is a vile piece of human garbage."

Geez Aaron, tell us how you really feel!

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