Among the several cultures currently camping in China's backyard, the Uighur people have started to take the Islamic State more seriously. If the separatist Uighur ethnic group, which is predominantly Muslim, were to align themselves with the Caliphate, it would give the Chinese government a perfect excuse to eradicate them as they have long considered doing. The Islamic State does not have a respectable performance rate at liberating anyone so far, but the Uighur people appear to be getting ready to stir the kettle of rebellion.

Do you ever wonder why you can get things from overseas cheaply? Everyone knows the answer: exploited laborers, especially those whose work conditions are far worse than those in a Western nation yet who are happy to simply have an income. Without these foreign laborers, everything in the Western nations would cost much more. The Uighur people, and certainly the Islamic State, would certainly want to operate differently than the current Chinese system, but there is no reason to suspect that they actually pose a threat to the Chinese domination of its work force.