The "GM" in GMO foods means that the organism has been Genetically Modified. In most cases, this means that it includes corn or soybeans which have been modified so that they will grow in pesticides which would otherwise kill them. Unless your food specifies that it is Non-GMO, you can safely assume that your food was grown in a pesticide called Roundup, manufactured by Monsanto.
Today, a California court ruled that Monsanto's GMO food causes cancer. In other words, almost everything you eat contains carcinogens, and the US government has finally agreed that it is OK to inform you of this fact. The scientific studies on which this case are based were performed years ago, and only now has the litigation process reached a judge for this decision.
Monsanto argues that the amount of food produced without their products is insufficient to supply the needs of the global population. This assertion fails to recognize the dramatic level of food waste which occurs in the US and other industrialized nations. The world does not need a surplus of toxic food.
Anti-GMO activists regard the problem as one which can be resolved by proving the toxicity of the products. Apart from Monsanto executives, almost everyone else in the world recognizes the problem with a food supply in which 90% of the products contain deadly chemicals. Monsanto, developed from military chemical contracts, has long held ties to important government officials, to whom its executives can simply protest that their GMO products serve a national security interest. They are staving off starvation, and we should be thankful that such technological resources exist.
A better option might be found in exploring food redistribution. The way in which food finds its ways into stores and restaurants, and in which half or more finds its way from there into locked dumpsters, is part of the reason why the US government has supported GMO food production. There might be plenty of food, but unless that can be managed in a more efficient way, there will be a need for the excess of poison which Monsanto demands the right to place on your dinner table.