Nails are no longer just about fashion. Over the last few years, more and more women are changing up their classic square nail tips into almond or stiletto varieties. This is mainly due to reactions from men, or lack thereof.

Tiffiny Sanders of Croydon, England told us "At first I found them intimidating, but my nail tech talked me into it."  She had been getting a basic french manicure for several years until she decided that she needed a change. "They were surprisingly easy to get used to, but one completely unexpected outcome was that many of my male friends told me they were frightening. A couple of them even stopped talking to me."

We snapped this photo of Tiffiny's nails. Would you consider them frightening?

"So I thought to myself... isn't this the perfect rapist deterrent? I mean, what kind of guy would take a chance putting their hands on a woman who literally has claws as her fingernails, "she chuckled. "And if your prospecting rapist doesn't notice your sharp nails, well he will be in for a nasty surprise, these things are sharp!"

Since her discovery, Tiffiny has taken to the street to encourage this simple yet effective tool against predators. She routinely hands out pamphlets and nail company advertisements during weekends in downtown London, focusing on minorities and underage girls.

"I've yet to hear about anyone who has needed to use them as a weapon, and if that were to happen, I would be the first to hear about it. That tells me they definitely make for a successful rape prevention strategy."

Do you agree that more women should consider this nail type, for self defense purposes? Please feel free to share your thoughts below!


Holly H.