Nails are no longer just about fashion. Over the last few years, more and more women are changing up their classic square nail tips into almond or stiletto varieties. This is mainly due to reactions from men, or lack thereof.

Tiffiny Sanders of Croydon, England told us "At first I found them intimidating, but my nail tech talked me into it."  She had been getting a basic french manicure for several years until she decided that she needed a change. "They were surprisingly easy to get used to, but one completely unexpected outcome was that many of my male friends told me they were frightening. A couple of them even stopped talking to me."

The "GM" in GMO foods means that the organism has been Genetically Modified. In most cases, this means that it includes corn or soybeans which have been modified so that they will grow in pesticides which would otherwise kill them. Unless your food specifies that it is Non-GMO, you can safely assume that your food was grown in a pesticide called Roundup, manufactured by Monsanto.
Today, a California court ruled that Monsanto's GMO food causes cancer. In other words, almost everything you eat contains carcinogens, and the US government has finally agreed that it is OK to inform you of this fact. The scientific studies on which this case are based were performed years ago, and only now has the litigation process reached a judge for this decision.
The US Military defense research program DARPA has called 40 scientists to Arizona to study methods of improving the use of artificial intelligence in warfare. After eliminating concepts that exceed current technical capabilities, the research program consulted with the people behind the more plausible scenarios.

Among the several cultures currently camping in China's backyard, the Uighur people have started to take the Islamic State more seriously. If the separatist Uighur ethnic group, which is predominantly Muslim, were to align themselves with the Caliphate, it would give the Chinese government a perfect excuse to eradicate them as they have long considered doing. The Islamic State does not have a respectable performance rate at liberating anyone so far, but the Uighur people appear to be getting ready to stir the kettle of rebellion.

There is a good chance that your ancestors were Canadian.

British scientists have dug out what they consider to be the oldest living things on Earth, in a place called the Nuvvuagittuq Greenstone of northwestern Quebec.